Middle East Collection(1)

Alkarnak Aluminum utensils & cookware 

Arabic Academy Company for Communication and Internet Technology
The newly established IT company for the Arabic academy for science and technology 

Shipping and Commercial Agent 

Web site gives true ideas about the middle east and discuss the Middle East/Israel  conflict 

Winner Trade Co.
Computer(Software and Hardware) Solutions Company

Almona Company
Almona provides marketing advice, and in country services support to firms seeking to promote and sell their products in Egypt. 

Projector Rental
Sony Projector rental 

Alexandrai Portal Site

The Official Portal Website for Alexandria-Egypt Since 1997. 

Saint Marc College -Class 82
Stmarc 82.com commemorates the College Saint-Marc (Alexandria, Egypt) Class of 1982. It aims at facilitating contact between its alumni and maintaining links of friendship built over years we have all (probably) enjoyed. 


Sporting Club Elections2001
The site utilizes the new technology in one of Alexandrians elite clubs. 

Alexandria University 
PEDAC'2001 Conference
The aim of PEDAC’ 2001 is to provide an up-to-date state of the art in the area of Production and Industrial Engineering, Design and Control with special emphasis on sustainable development towards global manufacturing. 


Kids Quality Clothing at affordable Prices. Online catalog! 

Yalla-Inndott Alliance
Yalla Inc and INNDOTT Co. are joining forces to combine the best in one COMBO package.


Inndott is an Internet Solutions provider that seeks to serve the business owners and professionals with today's leading 

Egytrans Shippig Company
One of the famous shipping companies in Egypt