In a world moving rapidly towards the economics of the 21 st century, which focuses on knowledge, capacity-building in science and technology is considered an urgent need everywhere. Surely, the needs of Arab countries in this area have become even more so that facilitating capacity-building in the field of science and technology has become a priority in all regions of the world. The basic hypothesis resides in that all the nations and communities will continue to face many challenges and problems in scientific research, the resolution of which requires application of the latest scientific and technological knowledge.

In addition, the accumulation of knowledge and its technological applications is accelerated at dramatic rates. This is also assisted by the means of communication whose speed is becoming similar to the speed of light.

However, the global reality reveals the failure of the arrival of many innovations to those strongly in need of them, in addition to that the need to build capacity in science and technology has not received sufficient attention from the international community so far.

The studies received in this area create an opportunity for executive political leaders and decision-makers in developing countries and especially the Arab countries to activate and support the means of broadening the base of science and technology suiting these countries and to provide collaboration opportunities between scientific and technological institutions in various countries of the world and supporting research institutions in their work and in their relationship with the private sector and with governments.

Global transformations that led to the rapid leaps in development rates in addition to the spread of modern knowledge in the major industrialized countries and their huge control over activities and economic processes in the world, has become one of the basic subjects. This is compared to that developing countries still suffer from low incomes and the inability to have access to knowledge and adaptation of this knowledge to the needs of the community.