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Note: All conference attendees must be at the Conference Center at 9:30 AM before the arrival of the First Lady for security purposes

  Thursday 10 November 2005
Session 1 The Information Society & Lifelong Literacies
Chair: Alex Byrne
Middle Hall, Conference Center

9:45 – 11:10

Arrival and Reception of First Lady

11.00- 11.05

Welcome-Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director, Bibliotheca Alexandrina


Welcome address-Her Excellency Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, The First Lady of Egypt and Chair of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Board of Trustees

11.25 – 11.35

Welcome-Dr. Alex Byrne, President, IFLA


Presentation of Bibliotheca Alexandrina-Dr. Sohair Wastawy, Chief Librarian, Bibliotheca Alexandrina


Lifelong Literacies, WSIS & Libraries-Ms. Kay Raseroka, Immediate Past President, IFLA


Presentation of The Alexandria Proclamation [on Information Literacy]-Dr. Patricia Senn Breivik, National Forum on Information Literacy, U.S.A.


Coffee Break

Session 2 The Information Society in Action
Chair: Peter Lor Middle Hall, Conference Center


The Information Society in Action and the three pillars of IFLA-Dr. Alex Byrne, President, IFLA


Plenary speech-Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director, Bibliotheca Alexandrina



Session 3a Improved Access to Knowledge of the World
Chair: Claudia Lux
Middle Hall, Conference Center
Session 3b Campaigning Lifelong Literacies
Chair: Kay Raseroka

5th Oriental Hall
14.15-15.25 Digitizing material in Bibliotheca Alexandrina-Dr. Noha Adly, ICT and ISIS Director, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Accessing the Cultural Heritage - The European Library-Ms. Jill Cousins, Head of Office, The European Library
OCLC in the Library Ecosystem-Mr. Arthur Smith, Director for Middle East Services, OCLC, Dublin, OH, USA
14.15-15.25 Role of books and libraries in building up international understanding-Dr. Schoefthaler , Executive Director, Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation, Alexandria, Egypt
Library & Reading - social inclusion through reading enhancement
and library projects in Brazil-Ms. Marcia Rosetto, President, FEBAB, and Dr. Sueli Angelica do Amaral, Professor, University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil
Ask Whatever and SeniorSurf, Finnish ways to spread media literacy-Ms. Tuula Haavisto, Senior Library Adviser, Helsinki , Finland
15.25-16.00 Coffee Break, possibility to see the poster sessions 15.25-16.00

Coffee Break, possibility to see the poster sessions

Session 3a to continue: Improved Access to Knowledge of the World
Chair: Claudia Lux
Middle Hall, Conference Center
Session 3d Some Tough Issues
Chair: Tuula Haavisto

5th Oriental Hall
Abre Tu Mondo – Open Your World, an Internet access project in Chile- Ms. María Luisa de la Maza, Engineer, Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums of Chile (DIBAM)

Making digital resources available in developing countries - eIFL.net-Ms. Helena Asamoah-Hassan, University Librarian, KNUST, Kumasi , Ghana

The Network of Slovenian Public Libraries-Dr. Maja Žumer, Associate Prof., University of Ljubljana , Slovenia
Protecting a library during the war-Ms. Alia Muhammad Bakir, Basra , Iraq

The Blue Shield action – the Cultural Red Cross & Red Crescent and IFLA's disaster relief and development partnership-Dr. Peter Lor, Secretary General, IFLA



  Friday 11 November 2005
Session 4 Communities, Health and Information
Chair: Sjoerd Koopman Middle Hall, Conference Center

Botswana spreads information on aids/HIV in libraries-Ms. Kay Raseroka, University Librarian, University Library of Botswana

Health information in public libraries in the Netherlands-Dr. Marian Koren, Netherlands Public Library Ass.

Access to health information in China-Ms. Hao Jiying and Mr. Zhan Youxiang, Medical Library of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, Beijing , China
Presentation of the Success Stories database-Ms. Danielle Mincio, Librarian, Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne



Libraries and the informed body politic: supporting local, parliamentary and direct democracy in the future information society-Mr. Francis T. Kirkwood, Library of Parliament , Canada


Coffee Break


Interview of Ms. Mirja Ryynänen, Vice Chairperson of the Finnish Committee for Development Policy, former MEP and Finnish MP, by Dr. Claudia Lux, President-Elect of IFLA


Discussion led by Dr. Claudia Lux


Proclamation of the IFLA Alexandria Manifesto on the Information Society in Action & Close-Dr. Alex Byrne, President, IFLA




Tour of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina